Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quiet Morning

This morning I was still a chance to have breakfast at the Pasar Besar Kangar food courts. This is the food I am a glass of ice tea. Somewhat different situation this morning like other days. It was a bit quiet around the Pasar Besar Kangar. Often, such periods of little people rushing to look for parking for their vehicles. This morning, I saw many car parking is currently empty.

From where I sit, I see some cats still wandering around looking for food at Pasar Besar Kangar. It was also still there are traders who sell their goods near the fence of the wet market. But in the wet market, the situation was so quiet. As it has long since been abandoned. Public access situation in the middle of the wet market was filled with rubbish that is not cleaned as often.

The situation indicates many traders have moved to a new place like speculated earlier. If I'm not mistaken, I have read in the newspaper today that some traders had started their business in a new place since yesterday. Good. Transfer process occurs with both and agreed by all parties. No trouble occurred. Indeed this is what we want.Although it is difficult to swallow, but many people who abide by the decision to move.

Here's the nasi kandar stall on weekdays.

The same situation occurs in the food court. It seems a bit quiet and lackluster as often.Perhaps this area is usually filled with customers who come to buy goods at the wet market and then stopped briefly at the food court area to moisten the throat. There are also several outlets have been closed since two days ago. I had asked whether the traders in the food court on the workers in a booth. He replied, they will also move in the given time but at least this Sunday. In the heart of a child I whispered, the end of memories in this area. No more nasi kandar, no more kuih-muih and no more roti canai at the booth number 15.

Nasi Kandar Perlis is unusual!

A situation in Sheikh Nasi Kandar.

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